WLHA Infill Development Policy  

Guidance as to when the WLHA writes letters of objection to the Committee of Adjustment:
  • Lot splits (below 30’) west of Botham Ave.
  • Houses of more than 2 storeys
  • Building types other than detached single family homes
  • Coverage beyond 32%
  • Excessive roof or sidewall height
  • Narrow side-yard setbacks on wide lots
  • Excessive 2nd floor balconies or decks
  • Removal of significant mature trees from the front yard
  • Removal of significant mature trees on private property which could be protected by feasible mitigating measures during construction (i.e. no “clear-cutting”)

We may choose not to write a letter in cases when we have seen a pattern of the C of A granting similar variance requests routinely in past (i.e. 2 storeys above at-grade garage)

Lot Splits

  • Narrow (20-25’) lots have been part of the character of the neighbourhood since the initial development in the 1920s, but only near Yonge and near Sheppard Ave
  • Balance of neighbourhood developed in the 1950s on wider lots
  • East of Botham Road, lot splits (50’-> 2x 25’ lots) are routinely granted
  • Past experience suggests that 2x50’ -> 3x33’ can happen anywhere in the neighbourhood
  • Debate about what to do on Bogert Ave:  lot split at 99 Bogert (just west of the line of Botham but east of Beaman) was granted by OMB 


21-23 Franklin:  Lot Split Extreme

  • Two lots to be split into SIX lots facing Linelle
  • Detached houses on 22’ lots with 38% coverage
  • Precedent?
  • Proponent will go to OMB
  • Residents on Linelle object
  • WLHA will object unless lot width and coverage are reduced
  • No public meeting date announced yet






57 Linelle: 25 Townhouses

  • Application made in 2013
  • Delayed by problems with MTO requirements for the property?
  • No recent news



Neighbourhood Design Template

  • Official Plan suggests that new/infill development should “respect the existing physical character of the neighbourhood”, but doesn’t define what that means
  • City created city-wide template which will generate neighbourhood specific guidelines, supposed to provide guidance so new builds fit better into the existing “built form”
  • Willowdale (our side of Yonge only) and Long Branch are test sites
  • WLHA participated in advisory group
  • Some want to make this into “architectural controls”- limiting which finishes etc. can be used on the exterior of new homes
  • Guidelines may not be enforceable anyway- can’t prevent building something which is otherwise consistent with the bylaws
  • Results supposed to be available now, but aren’t
  • Target for implementation: early 2017



Sheppard West Secondary Plan


  • Sept. 7th public meeting was poorly attended by the community, but well attended by the people who own properties on Sheppard
  • Draft recommendations:
    • No expansion to the planning boundary planned
    • Change of land use from “commercial only” to “mixed use”
    • Mid-rise guidelines similar to those in place on other city Avenues
    • 4 storey buildings, sloped to rear, w/mechanical “penthouse”
  • WLHA supports the draft recommendations
  • Draft Official Plan amendment to go to NY Community council late fall 2016
  • Draft Zoning Bylaw expected spring 2017



53-63 Sheppard-Bogert proposed development

  • KEY ISSUE:  we do NOT want the boundary of our neighbourhood to be changed, expanding mass-scale development INTO our neighbourhood  
  • Build-out of remaining sites on the south side of Sheppard to this density would add roughly 2,000 new units, turn Sheppard into a condo canyon and Bogert into an access road for traffic avoiding left turns on Sheppard.
  • Goes to OMB July 7, 2017- WLHA will be there!

Shown below is the 11-14 storey building boundary expansion.


245-255 Sheppard/250-258 Bogert

  • proposal made to City for 11 storey condo on Sheppard plus block of 3-storey “townhomes” along Bogert, with underground parking beneath entire site
  • 98 condo units and 7 townhouses in place of what was once only six or seven home lots…
  • Bookend to the 53-63 Sheppard/Bogert application- same issues at play
  • Expect public meeting sometime in November/December
  • OMB hearing likely in early 2018



4800 Yonge St.  (SW corner Yonge/Sheppard)

  • Menkes wants to build 49 storey tower on 5 storey commercial podium (glass box)
  • Change of land use from 100% commercial to 20% commercial/80% residential with 536 residential units
  • Combined with Hullmark (685), Emerald (364) and Sheppard Centre (~400), that’s 1985 units on basically one streetcorner 
  • our neighbourhood has 1000 homes for comparison…
  • WLHA objects to land use change and residential density
  • Insisting on a wind study done- Nestle building already generates a wind tunnel!
  • Concerns about the featureless 5 storey glass block walls of the podium