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Members of the Board of Directors for 2017 - 2018:

West Lansing Homeowners Association
Mike Capotosto, President

Ronit Barzilay, Director
Vanessa Clarke, Director
Steven Giagkou, Director
Nancy Risebrough, Director
Paul Martin, Development
Pauline Noonan, Beautification
Sue Ross, Treasurer
Scott Winhold, Director
Dimos Zarkadas, Traffic & Website
Member Bio's and Contact Emails 

You may also reach a member of the executive directly by email using the format

We recognize and salute those who have served our community !

Past Board members:

Frank Bruni Founding President
Paula Fisher Vice President
Pam Casey Treasurer
Leesa Fernandez Secretary
Heidi Ferris Director 
Fran Deitel Director
Kathy Leeder Director
James Beeksma Director
Aaron Lawrence Treasurer
Jason Campbell Development
Christina Campbell Secretary
Robert Batelli Director
Raveena Maheshwari, Director
Wendy Wright, Director


Howie Gough Director
Thomas White Director
Jane Garner Treasurer
Glen Marshall Director
Lauren Hendrickson Director
Debbie Shaw Secretary 
Andrew Cryne Vice President
Karen Brown Treasurer
Kathryn Atkinson Secretary
Phil Horgan President
Kevin Beattie President
Cathy Cronin President
Roy Saldanha Director
Mark Groleau, Director



Join us for a rewarding contribution to our community !